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Nope. Nothing flashy or slick about them.  Never the kind of guy who wants the limelight.  But they are everywhere. And they have one thing in common.  They have lived an extraordinary life. Something straight out of an adventure book.

Ordinary Guys, Extraordinary Lives goes deep into grassroots America to capture their stories; the ones that family and friends have been asking them to tell for years.

Is chivalry, honor and guts dead in America?  Hell no.

A few of our story lines:

Presidential motorcade escort lead motorcycle officer on a first name basis with Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon.

“Jungle Mike,” who at the age of fourteen started collecting snakes in the everglades, became one of the first American adventurers in Columbia.

Technicians whose everyday job is to “walk” high voltage (35,000+ volt) power transmission lines, dangling hundreds of feet in the air.

A Lieutenant Colonel USAF who completed 100 missions in the Vietnam War’s Operation Rolling Thunder, one of the deadliest air campaigns in history.

Another USAF pilot who survived more than five years captivity as a POW in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton.”

Third generation Alaskan fisherman who saved the lives of his crew and boat from being rolled in high seas and in the off-season recites poetry and tells stories as he drives a bus from Central Oregon to Portland International.

An Idaho career firefighter who has had more than his share of brushes with death including flashovers.

They are just ordinary guys - or so you thought.
You see him behind the counter at the auto parts store, driving a bus to the airport, coaching kids in little league or, at eighty-two, helping you sign in at the local polling place.

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He looks like your Average Joe but he has lived one extraordinary life.

Ordinary Guys, Extraordinary Lives