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My big (singing, drinking, swearing, Jesus-lovin',  gay, divorced) modern Christian family.

Reality television series

Demographics:   Adults 25 - 49

Every Friday night the Bergeron’s suburban house overflows with a mix of people that are married, single, divorced, straight, gay, different races, income levels and ages. This group feels at ease being rough around the edges even when worshipping with their rock band: Drinking Band with a Worship Problem! The Bergeron home feels like a safe place to challenge ideas about God while drinking a beer. They focus on loving each other, not managing each other’s lives.

Modern Christian Family’s embedded and engaged cameras capture the lives of these non-conformists. A meaningful event drives each episode and continuing interwoven story lines between Bergeron family members, Home Church community, and Drinking Band with a Worship Problem musicians play out over the broadcast season.

This Modern Christian Family lifestyle reality TV series aptly fits the increasing demand for engaging, intimate, and uplifting programming acceptable to both the secular and faith-based television audiences.

A “Barbie and Ken” family that provocatively shatters Christian stereotypes by opening their home to a singing, drinking, swearing, Jesus lovin’, gay, divorced community complete with “Drinking Band with a Worship Problem,” a Christian/Rock band.

Elizabeth:        Epicenter of the Whirlwind. Big personality, big voice, and

                         big boobs. Youthful mother of four, she parents like a guide, 

                         travels like a disciple and loves like a hippie

Cory:                Non-drinking, non-smoking, non-swearing, “Mr. Rogers,”

                         All-American dad, TV pitch man

And the Kids:

Dominick: 17  Mensa, bipolar, music prodigy, gay

Danika: 15      Straight-laced, yuppie, aspiring writer and actress, journaler

Ethan: 10        Malcolm Forbes in the making

Aiden: 9          Quintessential little boy in a little boy’s world

A constant stream of non-churchgoers are drawn to the acceptance, awesome energy, and genuine warmth offered by larger-than-life Elizabeth and her family. Why? Because the Bergerons shatter stereotypes about who Christians are ‘supposed’ to be and how they should live their lives.