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Black Comedy

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By Lorraine Portman

Molly, 44, meets men on line and uses a spreadsheet to keep them straight. She gets stood up.  A lot. And the dates that do show up?  Sal Pacino, in a wheelchair, who sues people for a living and tries to steal her purse.  After being stood up yet again, Molly ties one on, crashes her car, tries way too hard to kiss the cop, and winds up under house arrest.

Molly and her very pretty, competitive housemate Ashley learn that a category four hurricane is bearing down.  Tipsy Molly, who can’t go OUT on dates any more, invites ALL the men she is talking with to take shelter at her house. After so many disappointments, she doesn’t expect they’ll all show up…

The doorbell rings and keeps ringing.  A mobster wannabe. A guy who believes every conspiracy theory.  A cat blogger who arrives with nine cats.  A dwarf who is a convicted felon. A guy looking for an orgy. 

Flirtypants Ashley throws herself at the guy Molly likes.  The storm hits and they are all trapped in the house. The girls discover conspiracy guy dead. Hijinks ensue.  Bodies pile up.

Molly learns that to find true love she has to first know herself, even if what she discovers is that she’s a sociopath.

Eleven screenplay awards and acknowledgements

Winner Best Comedy Feature Screenplay - Action on Film International Film Festival Written Word Competition 2014
Best Feature Screenplay Winner - Austin Indie Flix Showcase Screenplay Competition 2014
Winner Best Dark Comedy Screenplay - Broad Humor Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2014
Second Place Horror/Comedy Feature Screenplay - International Horror Hotel Film Festival 2015
Runner Up/Second Place Romantic Comedy Feature Screenplay - Northern Virginia International Film Festival 2015
Semi-Finalist - Richmond International Film Festival 2014
Quarterfinalist -  Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition 2015
Quarterfinalist - Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition 2014
Quarterfinalist - Creative World Awards Screenplay Competition 2014

Official Selection - Beaufort International Film Festival 2016
Official Selection - Houston Comedy Film Festival Feature Length Screenplay Competition 2014